LED street lights

As the global environmental issues of energy saving carbon reduction, has gradually LED lighting demand gradually rise, compared to the average consumer demand for energy saving, is dominated by the government of public lighting products to replace in the field of demand will be more clear. Especially in Europe and the United States for regional relative pay more attention to environmental causes, such as street light bulbs opportunity also began to take shape, the LED lights will face greater development opportunities.

Obviously, the vigorous development of LED street lamp market has LED to relevant LED the rapid development of the enterprise. LEOTEK operating officer Ye Yao, LED street lamp with Europe and the demand of widening, prospect of company earnings this year to expand the market and stable growth of 40 ~ 45%, also there are a lot of space to grow up in the future. Actually, another big companies in Taiwan union fine photoelectric also has been successfully break into the American street lamp market, the company’s second generation of the LED street lamp is in North America about 50000 light road light case late last year, is expected to be shipped to season 3, 2014, and become the main momentum, the company’s revenue growth this year is the year 1 ~ 4 month accumulative total consolidated revenue reached 540 million yuan, the year increased by 31.52%. In addition, represents a geographical advantage of native American enterprise RevolutionLight, CREE, such as xu Ming photoelectric LED stocks in the past six months have achieved 100% gains, heralding the LED market showing signs of big business in the United States.

In addition to the U.S. market, operators are also bullish on the street lamp replacement market development, at present Europe is in recession period, once the economy starts to recover, development potential in the field of LED street lamp lighting in public will be immeasurable, and this will also be LED professionals bring huge business opportunities. Under the market environment, LED enterprises should prepare early, grasp the trend, in the global LED to replace the boom temporary occupy.