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New government policy brings more power to LED industry

2013 is the crucial period for reshuffle development of China’s LED industry. Competition between enterprises intensified sharply. Driven by various kinds of reform and regulations of the New Deal, the green, energy-saving and environmental friendly LED industry is greeting new development opportunity. According to the prediction of some industry insiders, China’s LED lighting industry will […]

Mid-power LEDs product value surpass that of high power leds for its 1st time

Impacted by the development of LED lighting market and the adoption of medium-power products by backlight at the same time, medium-power is without doubt the most popular LED specification. According to the prediction of LED inside, the International Market Research Institution, the annual output of medium-power LED surpasses high-power LED the first time in 2013. […]

The world’s only AC LED emerged in Chengdu

The problem of strobe in AC LED lighting has beat all the manufacturers in the world, making them employ actuators which swift alternating current into direct current to produce direct current LED lighting equipment. But now, Sichuan Xingli Lighting Co., Ltd form Chengdu, cooperating with CAS Changchun Applied Chemistry Institution, have solved this problem. Therefore, […]

The total annual LED lighting value will grow by 50% in 2014

According to the expectation of LED inside of TrendForce, the international market research institution, the output value of LED lighting market in 2014 is $35.3 billion, a 47.8% growth than 2013. And the LED permeability rate will increase to 32.7% in 2014. Senior analysis of  TrendForce,  Guo zhi hao said, in order to meet the […]

Price competition turns LED lighting from price war to brand war

Nowadays,  with the growing development of lighting products,  more and more hi-tech goods stand out to bring various experiences for users. As the technology develops, LED lighting products become prosperous.


At the same time, the improvement of consumers’ environmental awareness and the gradually growing purchasing power permit them to choose more advanced and effective lighting products, […]

LED helps airports realize efficient lighting


Airport is a large energy-consuming unit. To build green airports is the inevitable choice of the era development. Application of green and efficient lighting has become a great breakthrough in airports energy-saving and cost-reducing and at the same time can give the fullest play.


At present, the incandescent filament bulbs are mainly used by most airports. […]

Diversity becomes the new characteristic of commercial lighting design-2


Second, making dynamic lighting is a good choice to attract costumers. As human eyes are sensitive to dynamism and color, dynamic lighting is more attractive than static lighting on some occasion. Although the dynamic lighting is good, it may make people feel uncomfortable with improper use so that abuse should be avoided. If dynamic lighting […]

Diversity becomes the new characteristic of commercial lighting design-1



Nowadays, with the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, there is a growing need for individualism for customers. In order to make more profits, manufacturers spare no efforts to win customers. Commercial lighting design is considered as a method of marketing and the diversified commercial lighting design emerged under the situation. […]

The LED dream we are chasing in this decade-2



Vice Minister Cao Jianlin from Ministry of Science and Technology, deeply analysed the successful reason of semiconductor lighting in China according to his personal experience and practice, pointed out problem in next step and how to look at and cope with the industry development from all perspective. The article clearly shows the development direction for […]

The LED dream we are chasing in this decade-1



At the launch of the 10th anniversary national semiconductor lighting engineering, experts along with outstanding personnel from related governments, institutions, enterprises write together the book-Semiconductor Lights up Chinese Dream based on their personal experience and feel. Based on the real story of the writers, this book panoramically describes important events impacting China semiconductor development from 2003-2013, among […]

LED market is filled with low-price and inferior-quality-2

According to the introduction of Lu jinqing, product manager of LED lighting from Philips lighting in Asian-Pacific Area, because of low market entrance threshold, all the accessories can be purchased from market, so that all traditional lighting industry and electronic businesses are marching into LED lighting. “It results in excess capacity and investment capacity. Some […]

LED market is filled with low-price and inferior-quality-1

With the increasing of people’s living standard in China, everyone highly respect the concepts of green, energy-saving and environmental protection, while lighting is being the greatest part of energy consumption in our life. After the improvement of our energy-saving awareness, the fourth generation of lighting source, the LED lighting, is entering our life as a […]