wireless LED screen

Four, easy installation and maintenance: because do not need laying optical cable or communication cable, the installation position of the wireless LED display is easy to choose. Modular design, easy to maintain and repair, and automatically save all information automatic dial-up, drops automatic redial, ensure reliable connection, the wireless LED display when energized again when the power is automatically play the original information, anti-interference design, electromagnetic environment is suitable for application of high and low temperature design, adapt to the low and high temperature working environment.

Five, a variety of ways to disseminate information: according to the selected network is different, you can choose different way to send information to update the wireless LED screen information, and can be mass, group, single point send information. Sent via Internet related websites, such as: computer, computer through a dedicated information delivery module to send, ordinary mobile phone to send, etc.

Sixth, a variety of LED display options: all kinds of indoor, outdoor, outdoor single color, double colors, color, etc.

Seven, choice of multiple languages, such as Numbers, letters, Chinese, English, etc.

Eight, a wealth of information display mode: each information can customize it display mode and the residence time, can be arbitrary format, according to a very flexible.

Nine, a variety of information encryption method: according to user needs, such as setting information is sent to join the identification number and the check code, or only receive special number. Ensure information security.

Function, support a variety of special effects.

Scope of application:

1 the GSM/GPRS wireless data module (applied to the wireless LED display)

2 led screen (indoor, outdoor, outdoor)

3 and a half outdoor LED display unit (plate, the whole screen)

4 industry application solutions (meteorological disaster warning, vehicular screen display)

5 the wireless LED display

6 window (counter) LED display screen

7 led display special aluminum frame