LED products

Science and technology industrial should be led by the market.  



At present, the development and maturity of technology have brought the development of LED market. The prospect of the LED lighting has been lightened. With the existing market forces, LED lighting industry has entered the stage of fast development.


With the high speed development of industry economy, a series of problems appear one after another. When most people think positively about the LED industry, Secretary Wu Ling expresses her concern about the industry situation that in the past two years, the scale of LED industry has been continuously expanding, and the market is also growing. However, to the opposite, the industry is decentralized and the market is in disorder with concerns like quality issues, price competitions, enterprises without core technique or’ knowledge weapon’ to compete with competitors abroad, production capacity surplus, and so on, which restrict the development of our national LED industry.


At present, the industry environment is imperfect. To adapt the market, getting more involved into the market is a very important solution for the current LED lighting enterprises to promote its application in this market.  For the guidance of market, Ms. Wu Ling expresses her own opinions as follows. First: Fully understand the demand of this market after careful understanding. Second: Do research on how to satisfy the market demand based on customized products plan.  Third: Strengthen the innovation of R&D inside the enterprises and create their own core competence.