indoor lighting

Japan is the world’s energy usage/value of the lowest GDP, American families even power consumption 2 times that of Japan family, instruments and meters 4 times, Japan is not satisfied with this meaning, however, the Japanese in the future to produce in low cost categories compete with many developing countries in the world, is a nonstarter, so the development of “environment” related industries, is the direction of Japanese entrepreneurs agree.

The LED/OLED lighting good prospect

According to Japan’s economy industrial province intends to, look forward to in 2030 years ago, an LED/OLED light bulbs to replace at least more than 60% of the incandescent light bulb, is, by far the most important family lighting fluorescent lamp is still occupied high luminous efficacy and economic benefit is the upper hand, nothing more than the technique of fluorescent growth has peaked, the luminous efficiency of LED/OLED is still is 20 times every 10 time serial output growth, but the capital fell by 90% for every 10 years, to measure the trend can be continuous to at least 2016 years, therefore, the future of LED/OLED according to the source of luminous efficacy is expected to continuously add (and thus its use will be wider and more power-efficient), and the price will be down to the appropriate stage.

Japan and the United States, the European thought, LED light source manufacturers such as the individual commercial LED lighting luminous efficiency is only 80 lumens per watt, 3, 4 years 120 ~ 150 lumens/watt high efficiency LED lights will be commercialized, when all the product life cycle of the total application capital (bulb measurements plus electricity), light bulbs will be LED lights below. Manufacturer’s speculation LED lights in the future to reach 200 ~ 300 lumens per watt will be around 2020 can match.

According to Japan’s machinery industry will guess, in 2030, LED/OLED lighting indoor lighting in Japan throughout rate will reach 30%, accounting for 20% of the total electricity lighting, in terms of energy conservation and carbon reduction benefits, will can be frugal 18.7 billion KWH (KWH) of annual power, or 7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

OLED lighting will be LED lighting potential competition

LED lighting vision, however, do not neglect the development of the new generation of lighting technology, discrete component, OLED lighting, OLED namely organic light-emitting diodes (oleds), is considered in TFT – LCD place of a new generation of display technique, choosing, TFT – LCDd more development more lightweight, more save electricity, IGBT, contrast with OLED difference is not obvious, photosensitive resistance, so the OLED display products apply, or to set up the profit of the market as the supreme principle, early after being profit model and the market strong, natural may attract more enterprises to participate in, after have a profitable investment, Ruth’s ability to accelerate to replace TFT – LCD’s opportunity.