electrolytic capacitor

So the temperature inside the blister to allow 105 degrees? Just take a look at the following a picture. That is the Cree company about the LED chip and moderate the relationship between the droop.

If the environment temperature is 105 ℃, there must be at least add 20 ℃ is the junction temperature, so the junction temperature is about 125 ℃. On this curve is, already can only roughly estimate the life only 4000 hours. This is absolutely not acceptable! That is to say, LED blister in the ambient temperature must be much lower than 105 ℃.

We can, in turn, according to the requirements of the LED life to see what should be its environmental temperature. Suppose we require LED life is 100000 hours, then its junction temperature is below 65 ℃, so the environment temperature must be below 45 ℃. That is to say, electrolytic capacitor working environment temperature must be below 45 ℃.

3. All kinds of life electrolytic capacitor in the actual life of 45 ℃ environment temperature

Now know that the electrolytic capacitors in actual working environment temperature of LED lamps and lanterns, you can easily calculate the actual life of it. We in the table below lists several common electrolytic capacitor of actual life

By the table as you can see, even the most ordinary life of 1000 hours of electrolytic capacitor, when the environment temperature 45 ℃ life can reach 64000 hours, for common LED lamps and lanterns of the nominal is 50000 hours is enough.