LED lighting industry

Besides the lighting effect, the application of intelligent LED technology realizes the intelligent control of lighting. For the traditional lighting, there is two-way communication for each lighting unit, which makes it important to monitor its work situation precisely and it can’t adjust the lighting according to the changeable environment like air condition, number of people and so on. But LED makes the city lighting management more intelligent. For example, at mid-night when the traffic is not heavy, the brightness of the street light is quite different from that during the rush hours. The intelligent control is a great advantage for LED comparing to other lighting products, and shows that high technology and creativity can greatly change our surviving environment.


The application by combining LED and internet will enable Yuanjing company to provide better intelligent service by controlling the brightness and light color for people’s work, study and life. Meanwhile, the creative intelligent lighting system can also provide a platform for information feedback and communication. Therefore, people can enjoy the lighting condition while communicate the information of lighting control.


The application of LED creative intelligence draws more attention to the intelligent lighting concepts like energy-saving, consumption-reduction and emission reduction. Professor Chen Dahua from Electricity and Light Source Research Institute in Fudan University, said in an interview ‘LED lighting is developing to be more intelligent with internet involved. And the intelligent light source will provide great convenience for the city management.


Today, the fast development of LED technology can not only meet the lighting requirement, but also help reduce the energy consumption, and city operation cost. And there will be further intelligent lighting solution which can not only control the lighting system automatically, but also connect the public lighting system into ‘energy internet’ by applying the technology of data exchanging and connection. Therefore, the operation efficiency of the whole city management can be improved by realizing informationization and intelligization.