LED Sales channel

Secondly, product price, quality and responsiveness is the competition focus point at this stage; Product competition and channel competition has a interactive relationship. The conclusive category in LED lighting product category is LED light source, LED light bulbs, T8,MR16, LED Candle bulb, LED band; Indoor lighting like T5 LED tube, ceiling light, downlight, panel light, track light; Outdoor lighting like LED street light, LED Flood light and LED spot light.

He said, a competitive product without a competitive  sales channel will not be a success. As the LED industry is in the period of LED replacement, the product improvements and updates are very fast; if  relevant enterprises want to shift, they must have a good product and a good sales channel guarantee. In 2013 first half year, the product cycle changed every 3 months. This situation require a quick respond for the LED product price and quality from  LED enterprise.

Thirdly, based on the LED product sales channels, main share of main categories are in the red sea, and segmented market  of new product and small factory can break out in the blus sea market. On the basis of right product locating, the key of building channel is attract distributors focus by best cost performance. Only in this way, the LED enterprise can win its market in competitive market.

Lastly, he shared some experience of some successful LED enterprise. His speech is very popular with the members of the meeting. A lot of them gave a very high praise on this speech.