led lighting market-

With the increasing of people’s living standard in China, everyone highly respect the concepts of green, energy-saving and environmental protection, while lighting is being the greatest part of energy consumption in our life. After the improvement of our energy-saving awareness, the fourth generation of lighting source, the LED lighting, is entering our life as a common consumer product. The market of LED is slowly open.

The great disparity of the quality of LED products


Although it’s assured that the market is extending and the government has give out large quantity of subsidy, the prospect of LED enterprises is not optimistic. In the market filled with different quality LED enterprises with great different quality products. Moreover, as the impact of price decline, not a few businesses were forced to lower the price, due to the obsession of low profits. The low-quality and low-profits enterprises are on the edge of elimination.


There is no lack of low quality products in China’s LED lighting market. Numerous businesses sacrifice the quality in order to win their opponents on price. Some products even can only used for 3 years. So in China, LED lighting goods cannot be trusted. Now, to improve the situation lists the high priority for government and the importance of making LED products standard is gradually back to recognition.


LED Market filled with unknown brands


There are even 3-5 yuan bulbs in LED lighting market, while the cheapest product from brand enterprises is 30 yuan. A large number of unknown-brands fill in the market. The chaos of price system is a result of unbalanced development of industry and excess production capacity.