In 2012, the total value of LED indoor lighting product in chinese mainland is 33.5 billion, which increased 80% than last year. It is estimated that, the indoor lighting market will still increase fast in 2013 and will reach to amount of 55.7 billion RMB.

Commercial lighting will continue playing a role in the increased part

Indoor lighting includes: LED tube light, LED globe light bulbs, LED spotlight, LED down light, LED Ceiling light, etc. The commercial lighting part includes: LED tube light, LED spot light, LED down light. For the LED light bulbs, the overseas market demand more than domestic market.
The main increased part will be still the commercial lighting in the highly increased part in indoor lighting in 2013. So, LED tubes, LED spot light and LED down light will be the main products to push the increasement.

LED tube light will the most demanded product to the market, which mainly used in office, supermarket, parking lot, hotels. The estimated value will be 16.3 billion RMB and will increased 63%. This will take 29% of the total indoor lighting value.

It is estimated that the LED light bulb’s value will be 9.7 billion in 2013, increase 33%, and takes 17% of the total value of the LED indoor lighting market. It includes LED Candle light bulbs, ceramic LED bulb and so on. It will be mainly used in commercial lighting and exporting.

In 2013, the total LED spot light value will be 8.7 billion, increased 53%, takes 16% of the LED indoor lighting market value. The LED spot light mainly used in commercial lighting area, and will increased rapidly in the domestic market in 2013.

LED down lighting market will reach 6.7 billon, increased 60% according to the estimation. Like LED spot light, LED down light is also used in commercial lighting. Besides, part of the house lighting would also use LED down light.

It is estimated, LED tube light market will take more and more shares. Meanwhile, LED bulb market will get less and less due to the competition.

Main reasons to push the high increasing rate

1. Good government policy. In May 2012, the Technolgy Dep. of GD province introduced “Project of Spreading LED lighting products in Guangdong Province”; According to the target, it is expected to reach over-500billion RMB at the end of 2017. Public lighting facilities including Streets, public places, government office, state-owned companies, state-invested projects will gradually use LED products within 3 years. LED indoor lighting will be the main product. The action of GD government will affect other province’s government on the spreading of LED lighting products.

“Government fiscal subsidies project of LED lighting ” starts to invites bid in July 2012; It conents LED street light, LED tunnel light, indoor LED lighting product LED down light. There are 39 enterprises win the bidding and they planned to spread 0.88 million pcs LED outdoor lighting lamps, 7.85 million pcs LED indoor lighting lamps. The good policy will fast the spreading speed of LED indoor lighting product.