traditional lighting industries

In July, Media Lighting held a distributors meeting in Foshan, Mr. Cao Zhijie, general manager of Media says that Media Lighting has started their research and design as well as investment for LED lighting. For the first period, they invested 30 million RMB for LED driving system and assembly workshops, which is their first firm step to promote LED industry. He also says that Media and Toshiba have been cooperating well in LED lighting, and Media will consider acquiring these factories with strong technique support and reliable products to speed up the layout of LED industry.


As a well-known brand for household electronic appliances, Media have made great efforts in LED lighting layout, which undoubtedly confirms the direction of the industry.


The structure of traditional industry is to be changed by LED


Without LED lighting, the lighting industry may have been much quieter, and all the big traditional enterprises can sit their ‘thrones’ without risk. However, the sudden entry of LED lighting undoubtedly changed the structure of traditional lighting industry and these traditional enterprises may lose their market. Taking a general view of the current market, these traditional lighting enterprises are facing much pressure and competitions.


The application of LED has not only made TCL, Media and other group companies increase their investment in LED lighting, but also draws attentions from middle stream enterprises. As a result, there are plenty of investments into the LED lighting market, which causes fiercer competition. As traditional lighting enterprises, especially in the areas of traditional light source, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and so on have been seriously and directly affected by the LED lighting.