In recent years, LED indoor lighting market has been expanding, while all kinds of new lamps have been developed. LED panel light, as a kind of LED lamp widely used in indoor lighting has received great attention from consumers and enterprises, which leads to great development in the market.

led panel light

From the perspective of the market, LED panel light shows great vitality in the area of home decoration. They have been used in hotel, restaurants, specialty stores, supermarkets, meeting room and so on. Chen Haihui, general manager of Hua Chuangli Lighting Company. The soft and uniform illumination of LED panel lights can protect our eyes, so LED panel lights are widely adopted in offices, hospitals, libraries and so on.
Chen also mentioned that LED panel light can make good use of light in a scientific and reasonable way from the view of design. Under the principle of Conductive panel illuminating on the side, panel light can send out uniform illumination through the light guide plate, which is in harmony with environment.

There is much space inside LED panel lights, so the design of its light power can be very flexible. The illumination can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the LED panel light inside. We an also work out different lighting solutions based on demand from various customers and environments.’ A principle in one panel light producer explained.
According to the illumination features of LED panel light, it is mostly used for ceilings, walls and sales counters. In design and installation, panel light can be classified as ceiling lamb and embedded lamb, both of which can be inside the wall and take the least space of the room.

LED panel light has being a rising new star in indoor lighting market with above advantages as well as its illuminating effects and pleasing shape.