Osram LED light bulbs

OSRAM star light LED lamp is a kind of high energy-saving and high-efficiency product especially designed for home lighting. This LED lamp adopt high illumination efficiency LED chips designed by OSRAM to get good illumination and save more energy. It is made of very durable materials and can ensure to be used in different environments.  OSRAM  star light LED lamb of 5W and warm white light is currently for sale at 89 RMB.
OSRAM star light LED lamp adopted OSRAM LED chips. Its 5W power can get the same illumination efficiency as 25W incandescent bulbs. Light flux is 250 lumen, which can save 80% of the electricity.

OSRAM explained that without mercury, infrared or ultraviolet radiation, this LED bulb can provide environment friendly lighting. Its well-designed light cover can make soft and uniform illumination, and provide quite comfortable light condition by matching 2700K color temperature especially for home lighting.


At diameter of 6.5 lumen and the length of 12.7 centimeter, with E27 screw socket and high quality aluminum heat sink , OSRAM star light LED bulb can be used widely and ensure lifecycle of 15,000 hours.