In addition, the LED products shall conform to the relevant laws and regulations stipulated by the conformity assessment procedures, only in this way, can they be CE mark, smoothly into the eu market. The United States LED lamps rated life test takes about 9 ~ 12 months, extended the access time of LED products.

From the point of the domestic market, largely LED lighting application market threshold is low, many enterprises, market chaos. The current domestic standards of LED lamps and lanterns is not perfect, mainly for a simple copy of traditional lighting appliance standards, lack of pertinence standards such as energy saving, photosynthetic efficiency and life. Most enterprises only processing LED lighting application of lamps and lanterns, lack of competitiveness. LED lamps and lanterns of domestic enterprises is a traditional manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, lack of LED technology, upstream outsourcing LED light source, to assemble the lamps and lanterns of simple only. Due to the insufficient domestic demand, LED lighting application of small-scale enterprises only play the role of export OEM, lack of independent brands and technology, and product positioning is not clear. A variety of problems of the development of export-oriented LED lighting enterprise of our country.

Between January 2013 and June, the eu RAPEX report involved in 54 lighting products in China, including LED lights, 19 accounted for 35.18% of total reported lamps and lanterns, rose 23.61%. Especially in recent days, the two lighting products set out in the industry by the European Union warned that it must cause the attention of relevant enterprises. One is the PHILIPS (PHILIPS) made in China brand LED bulbs issued a consumer warning. Products were warned in a carton contains two different LED bulbs; Style/model for MASTER LED BULB D12-60 w (E272700K A60 and B22 2700K A60 batches2K, 2 l and 2 m), due to the insulation of the product problems, by eu police by the European Union warned LED bulbs on the metal body of the possibility of leakage, when a user during the installation, there is the risk of electric shock, do not accord with the low voltage directive, there are 2 accident report, dealers and distributors of the products taken off the market.