The 2013 international tombarthite  annual meeting was held in  September 12, 2013. Director Ms Hu xue fang said, the lighting industry is getting less and less demand for the tombarthite because of some reasons. Compared to peak time(2010, 2011), the demand for europia and terbium oxide has decreased by 60% to 70%.

Hu xue fang said: the reasons of lighting industry’s less demand for tombarthite includes:

International economic downturn;

LED industry expanding cause the incandescent lamp(which demands tombarthite a lot ) demand go down by 20% to 30%Craft has been improved so the Phosphor powder demand decreased by 50-60% and the recycle of Phosphor powder.

She also said, in 2012, the tombarthite  Phosphor powder industry capacity was about 30000 tons, but the sales was only 4000 tons, capacity is much more than the sales data.

She said, in 2013, the sales of tombarthite Phosphor powder is about 4000 tons, same as that in 2012. But in 2010 and 2011, the tombarthite  Phosphor powder sales is 8000 tons and some of them was from stock.

Hu xue fang said, tombarthite take ups to 80% percent of the light-emitting cost, but light-emitting materials only takes 6% of the downstream lighting application area, so the decreased demand of lighting industry has limited impact on the tombarthite industry.