led manufacturer in China

The whole country is enhancing the application of LED in Agriculture.

With great advantage in quality, LED lighting enterprises start to search for other usages. Its application in agriculture is an example. In China, Agriculture is the last but most expected market for LED lighting.


Agricultural environment and sustainable development research institute in Chinese Academy of Agricultural sciences indicates that Agriculture is the base of the national economy and Agriculture will take up a very important position. Chinese national high technology research and development plan (863 Plan) also started the program of ‘Production technology research in intelligent plants factories’. Below are the 5 main projects for LED development. China has been actively supporting LED lighting in the area of national agriculture.


First, the research and production of LED chips and lamps special for agriculture; Low-cost LED light source for Agriculture

Second, standardized light source for Agriculture

Third, raise the competitive power by cooperating with international leading light source supplier.

Fourth,Work out the standardized patterns of LED light source for mass production.

Fifth, Provide Agricultural LED with funds subsidy


European enterprises also target to the Agriculture market.


Philip cooperates with Shanghai Communication University to carry out research, and sells LED lighting products named ‘Philips GreenPower LED’ for plants cultivation in China. By combining Holland technology and the latest LED technology, Philip can provide the best LED lighting solution for plants factory as well as landscape gardening.


Beside European enterprises, Taiwan enterprises also plan for LED lighting in Agriculture, because Taiwan itself is carrying out the business of plants factory.


In 2011, Taiwan set up plants factory industry development association, including over 40 enterprises now, in which ITRI and Deltar electronics are the leaders. In a LED lighting show in Jun of 2012 in Taiwan, there are 39 enterprises showed their LED lighting products, which is a huge increase comparing to 2012 when there is only 2 enterprises joined.