china LED industry

The center Chinese government and all provinces are strengthening the subsidy policies.


Chinese government has been providing support to popularity and promotion of LED lighting industry


During the ‘Twelfth Fiver-year Plan’, in order to enable LED lighting to realize 30% of yearly revenue growth rate and to meet revenue target of 450 billions RMB (which has been adjusted down by 10% from 500 billions RMB) by 2015, including 180 billion RMB of the target revenue for common high power LED lighting products.


Guangdong province will also provide provincial subsidy.  On Mar12nd in 2012, Guangdong province announced its twelfth five-year plan for new strategic industries including LED lighting and other 8 industries into infrastructural industries, for which Guangdong government will provide special support. And Guangdong government has decided to provide 22 billion of subsidies during its twelfth five-year plan.


There are various forms for the subsidy release such as loaning without paying interest, guaranteeing without interest, direct subsidy, prizes, investment for stocks, investment for creditor’s right and so on. Guangdong province strengthens its integration of governmental financial funds and banking capitals, and its support for technique research and design, industrialization and so on. Beside the subsidy, Guangdong government will increase other support.