On Sep 26th, CSAPC, (CSA application and promotion center) in southeast of China cooperates with China Hotel Engineering Union to jointly hold a China hotel management and engineering management summit at international fair center. The aim is to push the implementation of hotel green low carbon, energy saving and environment protection, to improve the overall hotel engineering management by promoting and applying LED lighting products and other new energy saving products, and to help the hotels owners and engineering managers reduce investment risk, increase income and decrease expenditures for high efficiency, and finally achieve the maximal social benefits and economic profits.

LED industry

The forum invited the experts of Hotel engineering management in Marriott, Hilton, Inter-continental , Shangri-La and other well-known hotels at home and broad as well as suppliers of environment-friendly products and technique YaJiang Opo-electricity, Samsung LED, Tianying Light and other first line suppliers for lectures, on-site diagnosis, and inter-communication about the preparation for hotels construction, lighting design for reconstruction, intelligent control, application of energy saving and environment protection technology, and daily hotel engineering management, equipments maintenance, issues and advanced experience in energy saving and efficiency improving. Meanwhile, LED lighting manufacturers and energy saving service companies are invited to show their new energy saving equipment, new technology and new product to promote the application of the technological achievements,