Medium power LED

EMC bracket is undoubtedly the focus for packing industry in 2013.  With the mature of LED lighting application technology, there is hot demand for medium power LED lighting products, for which LED packing factories have actively introduced medium power EMC brackets. However, some insiders also point it out that there is big difference between the process of EMC brackets and that of PPA. In terms of the equipment configuration, PCT is preferred by the market. It is said that the LED products with PCT has over driven to 1.5W and toward 2W.


The brackets used for 1-2 W LED has been updated to 2-3 W LED with rapid cost deduction, and now threatening the low power PPT brackets and high power ceramic substrates. However, insiders of brackets providers say that the process of EMC brackets is close to that of semi-conductors, for which the factories and suppliers based on semi-conductors take the advantages.  By contrast, the brackets and packing factories targeting at LED markets needs to increase the equipment purchasing and change production process but face much capital pressure.


The factories specializing in PPA brackets in the past turn to PCT brackets market. It is learned that current PCT brackets are used in 1.5W LED, and over-drive to 2W. With the entry of PCT brackets into medium power LED market and continuous PCT price reduction, many LED packing factories is expecting the development of PCT and EMC bracket.