led industry

“To merely sell LED products is just substitution. In the next three years, LED products will change from selling products to lighting solutions inevitably.” This was what the reporters heard from one dealers’ meeting held in Chengdu.


“Selling solutions” has been a popular concept in a long run within building material industry. Not a few enterprises follow the suit including furniture, cabinet, ceramic tile, bathroom accessory, floor etc.


Looking back to the lighting industry, ordinary customers of home decoration basically choose products according to their likes and dislikes when choosing the lights. Manufacturers or designers can only affect the customers on the overall style. But after the style was chosen, customers always decide what products they want to buy at last. Frocks, including commercial lighting, manufacturers and designers can show more views on it. At this time, the need of frocks buyers is the “solutions”. Viewing from the aspect of consuming psychology and market demand, the most of “solutions” buyers are the frock purchasers.


It is well-known that after the LED products enter into families, they are basically the substitution of light. The need for the products far weighs the need for the “solutions”. Therefore, to satisfy home decoration clients or self purchasing clients, enterprises can just sell the commercial lighting like incandescent lights and energy-saving lights. For those home decoration clients who have better cognition of LED, enterprises can sell it as a whole, but they tend to do DIY purchase or adopt the advice from home decoration companies.


To sum up, “solution” buyers are frock clients and commercial lighting clients. Their purchase should meet the basic conditions as follows: high profile of the brand, high cost performance of the product, providing series of products and systematic lighting solutions. Most medium-and-small-sized enterprises are not able to do or they just don’t pay enough attention even if they get the capacity.


With the growing pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction and the improvement of LED technology, LED reached popularization stage in project area. The application of LED lighting “solution” will be popularized day by day. Sales through “solution” will be greater than that of goods sales. As a result, large and medium enterprises or competitive enterprises should attach more importance to “solution”, changing from products suppliers to lighting “solution” suppliers. Small and medium enterprises can replenish the product lines of large companies by individualized products and enter into the “solution” suppliers at the right time, or to provide larger companies and market with accessories of “solution”.