LED Candle, LED Candle bulb and LED Candelabra bulb are very similar on the names, but they are different things in fact. Today, we are going to explain what  they are and the their differences.

1.LED Candle

LED Candle

LED Candle is a candle in LED; Normally LED Candle is used in places needing atmosphere like bars, churches and so on. As the candle may cause fire, the LED Candle is very popular now and can fully replace the candle on color and brightness.

2.LED Candle bulb

LED Candle bulb

LED Candle bulb is a LED product whose shape is like flame of candle; It is a call mostly used in Europe. There are many types of LED Candle bulb in the market, but the 360 degree lighting LED Candle bulb is most popular as it is very close to the traditional incandescent bulb on the shape, lighting effect and lumen. LED Candle bulb is normally used on chandeliers, wall light in restaurant, hotel and houses. Currently No.1 lighting’s 3W LED Candle light already can fully replace 25W incandescent bulb.

3.LED Candelabra bulb

LED candelabra bulb

LED Candelabra bulb is very similar to LED Candle bulb, but only used in North America, so the LED Candelabra bulb base is E12 and E26 and LED Candle bulb base is E14 and E27, etc.

So LED Candle is a different from the LED Candle bulb and LED Candelabra bulb and LED Candle bulb and LED Candelabra bulb is similar product.