Days ago, one customer asked one sales of No.1 lighting how to judge what china manufacturer is true and false, because he often got “cheapted” on the data of LED product—especially on the lumen data. Due to the very limited equipment they have, they can not test most of the data of LED product from the China manufacturer. Today, we will give a simple method to judge the data.

LED Candle bulb

Let’s take an example of Lumen; Lumen is mainly decided by the light source. There is a industrial data for all SMD and COB light sources. Let’s take No.1 lighting’s 3W LED Candle light as example. The product has 24 pcs 3020 epistar SMD and for 3020 SMD, the industrial data of lumen is around 20lm/pcs, so total 24pcs should be 480lm in theory; However, there will be part of lumen lost, such as the reflecting of the light source and glass, as well as the power supply efficiency, all these make the light lost; So the actual total lumen is around 3W 300lm. This data is practical and reasonable. However, there are some irresponsible suppliers in China, telling the false data to attract and gain the customers interest(like 3W COB LED Candle bulb 280lm, this is very rediculous ). We can judge the data by the simple method above. Of course some customer do not know the light efficiency of normal SMD and COB like 3014,5630,3528 and so on, do not worry, just view here to check.