led innovation

Therefore, the development of guangdong province to foster strategic emerging industries, promote strategic adjustment of industrial structure as the goal, in order to realize the strategic emerging industry technological breakthroughs and industrial development as the key point, established the semiconductor lighting and electric cars as important cultivating object of strategic emerging industries.

Guangdong LED lighting industry began in the early 1990 s, after 10 years of development, has become the domestic industry the most concentrated areas, is an important production base and trading center of the LED. But we should also see clearly that, in the industry of rapid development at the same time, also faces some problems: on the one hand, the LED industry started relatively late, some of the core technology and key equipment or disciplined by others; On the other hand, due to the market recognition and acceptance is not high, cause great difficulty LED products in the market popularization and application. This would require the government to boost industry over these, guide the continuous development of LED industry.

Therefore, our province to set up the strategic emerging industry special funds for the LED industry projects, according to the different stages of development of strategic emerging industries, the different development of the industrial chain link for special support, mainly includes three aspects: one is the marketing, the second is used in the construction of the industrial development environment, such as set up, the detection system, the standard optical components, etc., to provide support for the healthy development of the industry, three are in the strategic, forward-looking and global will guide the whole construction machinery and core technology, the common technology, encourage enterprises to research and development innovation by means of preferential.