LED development

In demonstration promotion, our province since 2008 launch green lighting demonstration project construction, and gradually from the pilot to the comprehensive promotion of use, to drive the LED industry to achieve the double output in successive years of rapid development, and become a pillar industry of the province emerging. Early, LED product price high, new business model has not been mature and arrange the special financial funds to pilot demonstration project in our province, today, our province actively innovative products application model, through the contract energy management mode for the LED street light, with the resulting energy-saving benefit to pay for the product cost, no need for subsidies. In terms of application of LED commercial lighting, we also stepped up efforts over the past two years, such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, parks and other public institutions, in addition to the innovative business model to promote, there are some places according to the characteristics of the LED interior lighting, take administrative measures or financial subsidies to promote indoor lighting LED work. As consumer acceptance of LED lighting gradually enhanced, LED home lighting, popularization and application can execute market-oriented operation, through the market mechanism to promote the development of LED home lighting.

In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, strict control of product quality, actively supporting construction, pays special attention to the LED industry in our province innovative exploration evaluation benchmark system of LED lighting products, with the method of a rival, in stages, the dynamic type of technical specifications to promote LED lighting application threshold, guide the development of LED industry.

In addition to technology development and product quality control, the LED industry in China also actively participate in the global LED industry competition “game rule”, which is fully activate the market demand, the objective requirement of the industry as a whole competitiveness.