led development

Based on this, the guangdong pioneered “LED products evaluation benchmark system”, through the choice is closely related to the product quality indicators, draw lessons from developed countries in the field of LED testing standard and technical methods, formulate unified test method, for the large-scale application and popular products regularly detection, obtain product innovation level of the industry benchmark index. Under the condition of uniform testing, with the benchmark index to compare and evaluate the quality of product and grading. And, in order to adapt to the LED industry rapidly changing requirements, have certain forward-looking benchmarking system relative to the standard, and is a dynamic, open, with the development of industry and update market situation.

So far, there are 11 release directory benchmarking period, more than 1300 recommended products. At present, most of the cities in our province can in strict accordance with the “province implementation plan” regulation, shall be used in the field of LED public lighting engineering recommended directory products benchmarking system, effectively guarantee the quality of the lighting engineering and lighting quality. Verified by all kinds of demonstration project, benchmarking system recommended directory in LED lighting products did not appear quality problem, and the average energy saving efficiency of 55% or more.

Vigorously promotes the development opportunities, develop new growth space

LED industry after nearly 10 years of development, the concept is introduced into the initial demonstration engineering, demonstration city construction, to the large-scale popularization and application, etc. At present, the LED on the technology and market development has already entered the mature stage, LED industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development.

At present, guangdong, fujian, hunan, shanxi and other places are actively LED public lighting renovation. Long and commercial lighting electricity, electricity, lighting retrofit speed, not less than 30% or more of the commercial lighting market has used the LED products, and install new market to purchase lighting products more than 30% have been used to the LED lighting products.