LED industry

As the national LED industry development in guangdong, in the aspect of participation in the global standards for a rainy day, the implementation of “LED lighting standard optical components project”, establish standard LED lighting light component day mark, give full play to the advantages, broad market space in China formed our own standard system, in order to win in the international industry competition.

At present, all scrambling to make the LED industry development planning, developing the LED industry. In LED industry in our province project fall to the ground and the concrete implementation process, will be closely combined with the actual situation of guangdong province, adjust accordingly. In LED high-end link, such as substrate epitaxy chip equipment terms, the provinces are to encourage and support, will form a repeat construction, competition with each other, therefore, need to governments seriously. But in terms of pushing the application of LED lighting products, various provinces and cities should strongly encourage and support, so do not form vicious competition, on the contrary can promote the rapid growth of the LED market and flourishing.

The first benchmarking system strict controls of product quality

Since 2008, as the breach of the LED street lamp for the application of guangdong province, started construction of demonstrative project of green lighting. But the LED industry as an emerging industry, when a lot of technology is not mature, performance standards and testing method is not perfect enough, cause product quality evaluation. Therefore, in the LED lighting demonstration project promotion, we urgently need to establish a product quality evaluation scheme, to good product selection. Although in 2008 in guangdong province has introduced the domestic first LED street lamp standard, but at the time the standard-setting process is multifarious, the feeling within the standard is too high, the indicators controversy. And the LED is relatively stable, standard formulation faster far behind the pace of technological development.