led display indoor

LED super TV initiates the development of high-density and small-space display screen.


With the shorter dot spacing, the high-density and small-space LED display screen can show the images much better and all the targets are improved, which brings new concepts of LED super TV and the products.  In another word, LED super TV is not only high-density and small-space LED display screen, but is much better in performance. Now it targets at indoor big screen market.


The concepts of LED super TV has been widely discussed and the big enterprises listed that promote LED super TV have received more attention from the market.


A grand plan for future LED super TV.


At present, LED super TV is only applied for a small quality of indoor background walls, TV replaying, meeting monitoring and other video products, in which there are many issues and barriers to overcome.


The experts say that there is great prospect for the application of high-density and small-space super LED TV products, which can not only meet the demand of huge meeting center, offices and other public areas for big-screen TV as well as military, public safety, energy, communication, broadcast and application in other particular industries. It is anticipated that there will be explosive increase for future products sales.