led industry markets

Since this July, LED related listed companies published its revenue and performance report of the past half year one by one. 23 out of the 25 key LED companies published the semiyearly report and mid-term performance report. The data shows that 60% of the companies are estimated to grow. The comparable data shows that the 23 companies mentioned above have made total net profits of 1.6 to 1.9 billion RMB which is an increase of 5 to 26% from last year.


It is the well-known fact that LED industry has developed well in the first half of this year. It is said that currently most of LED packing factories have received orders for full-capacity run. A person in charge in Hongli Photoelectricity says that their equipments are fully running and their latest orders have been arranged for production in Sep. As packing is in the middle stream of LED industry, situation of the whole LED industry can be reflected in the packing section. Therefore, the capacity utilization of packing factories is a sign to tell if the whole LED industry is developing for the better.


As a matter of fact, LED industry steps into to a turning point in the market since the first quarter of this year. The policy support and technology development, and factories distribution layout have stimulated the development of the whole LED industry. Moreover, the third quarter will be the peak season for lighting industry. Therefore, all the insiders indicate that LED industry will possibly come to the ‘explosive stage’ after two years of depression.