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In recent years, there appears to be huge room for development in LED lighting industry with accelerating urbanization and the idea of energy saving accepted by the society.


Insiders predict that LED lighting sales in the market will be up to 32.4 billion in 2013 with a yearly increasing rate of 30%. The home lighting market has become the second largest application market after commercial lighting. Continuously enhanced by government policy, economic development, and industry expansion, and other factors, insiders point it out that LED lighting market will continue to grow by 30% in 2013. The market for LED home lighting will be opened, after which its market scale will be a few times of the commercial lighting. Therefore, many LED giant companies will be attracted to fght for more market share.


The international LED giants access to the home lighting market at low prices.


Comparing with commercial lighting, home lighting market started late, but with updated technology, and lower prices, and improved terminal distribution channels LED home lighting is predicted to get explosive development in 2013.


However, when the ‘cake’ is enlarged, the competition among LED enterprises is fiercer. According to the survey from LED research institute, the prices for LED home lighting products have been stable or declining in the first half of the year. In China, Shangshun, Biyadi and other national brands have been reducing their selling prices, and in this June, Laiyadi under Hongli Light and Electronics set up flagship stores to promote LED bulbs at low price.


Many international LED giant companies target at home lighting market. In Taiwan, TASHIBA takes up LED home market by low prices, and then PHILIP introduced a new series of LED bulbs. It is said that this new bulbs of the same lumen can save 20% of electricity comparing to the products of last generation, while the prices are greatly deducted. For example, the price of 7 watt LED bulb has been reduced by 20% from last generation. And for some products, the price reduction is up to 33.39%.


American LED leading company Cree doesn’t want to hold back in the competitive situation. In Feb of this year, Cree introduced LED bulbs less than 10 US$, which greatly influenced the market, and was considered as fighting for the home light market and helped push the popularity of global LED lighting to some extend.