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Layout adjustment to accelerating LED markets extension in home market


LED lighting has been widely known by the street lighting and commercial lighting, but just took the first step in the home lighting market. The global policies in favor of LED lighting industry have been announced. In front of the attractive huge market, LED giants at home and abroad are making more efforts in market layout.


At present, there are two factors that prevent LED lighting products entering home market. On the one hand, consumers in the market are not very familiar with LED technology and product.  According to the survey results by related experts, only 25% common consumers in China market have a clear understanding of LED bulbs. The key for LED lighting popularity and promotion is to make consumers know the products and technology better. On the other hand, the prices of LED lighting products are higher than traditional lighting products. Most families see the short term cost and benefits, not the long-term energy-saving efficiency. Therefore, the market penetration for LED products is not satisfying. To gain more market share, when try to publicize LED knowledge, it is necessary to gradually deduct its selling price by improving the technology and its application.


As a matter of fact, European Union raised the policy to stop the use of incandescent bulbs since 2012. China, America, Canada, Australian and other lighting powers announced their plan to eliminate incandescent bulbs. With a series of supportive policies, it undoubtedly provides good opportunities for the development of LED lighting industry.  And the price deduction of LED lighting products will help with the popularity and expand the market.  With layout adjustment of LED lighting industry, LED lighting products are taking up more proportion of the home marketing. Especially under the lead of these international giant companies, the global lighting industry is certainly driving into the high-speed epoch.