LED home lighting

Successful distribution channels will bring the spring of home lighting market.


In 2013, LED lighting is formally replacing the traditional lighting with continuous improvement of technology and price reduction. It is estimated that the general LED lighting will take up 25.7% of the whole lighting market, which is increased by 8.1% from 2012.


Enterprises in favor of LED start to focus on home lighting market. The terminal selling prices of LED lighting products are declining greatly.  LED lighting products are accepted by more consumers and therefore, home lighting market gradually opens to LED lighting. The competition between traditional lighting and LED lighting is fiercer. Many lighting manufacturers especially the international top manufacturers are making great efforts in the developing new market and distribution channels, improving the products’ quantity, adjust down the selling price to meet the high development of home lighting market. Insiders say that whether the LED lighting manufacturers can succeed in taking up the market in the future depends on their ability in market layout.


The construction of distribution channels is very urgent and important. Comparing to commercial lighting, the sales of LED home lighting market depends on their distributors. The understanding and acceptance of distributors to the products as well as aggressive promotion activities are the pre-requirements to increase the sales volume. But there is still huge gap between existing traditional lighting market system and the demand of LED energy saving lighting products. The new market system is not formed yet.  Parts of the LED enterprises have already started to explore new distribution channels like E-business for some benefits in this ‘Blue Sea’. Nowadays, global LED lighting market is changing its layout at high speed. The explosion of LED lighting application leads to an unprecedented revolution in the lighting industry. In the future, LED industry will develop into a new stage. Meanwhile, LED lighting will become new power for the development of home lighting market.