LED lighting industry

China is experiencing the unprecedented and rapidest urbanization in the history. According to the city blue book issued by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the urbanization rate will be up to 60 percent by 2020. The estimation and calculation results shows that there will be 0.3 billion people to be transferred from the villages to the urban areas by 2020 and the number will be up to 0.39 billion by 2030.

During the urbanization process, creative LED lighting technology has developed a lot. Meanwhile, it has become a very important technology to solve the urbanization issues mentioned above.

As the largest source and energy consuming countries, China consumes plenty of energy and resources for lighting. According to the professional statistics, China can save 2.5 Three Gorges hydropower stations by replacing 50% of the traditional lighting system with LED.

Furthermore, LED has very long lifecycle which is up to over ten thousand hours while it is only 6000 to 8000 hours for electricity-saving lamp. Therefore, LED has great advantage in cost management comparing to the previous city lighting system.

Mr. Wen Yinfu, Shanghai Lighting Association secretary, said in an interview, ‘The cost for incandescent, fluorescent lamp or LED light, the electricity expense covers over 60% of the integrated cost. But the integrated cost for LED lamps is the lowest in the long term due to its high light efficiency and low energy consuming. By 2012, the integrated cost for LED is less than 25% of the incandescent lamp. The cost for LED lamps has been declining due to high volume production.