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Looking for breakthrough and promoting own research and development ability


In recent years, the LED patents of domestic enterprises emerge in endlessly. However, you will find out that the most patents are not original by careful study. They may just follow suit and make some amendment of original patent by international LED giants. Or they just make a fuss of the practical and new and appearance design by free riding. The golden nugget of the patent greatly discounted as a result of patent knockoff. More than 70% of domestic patents will be under the danger of invalid if meets with the global charge by the international giants.


To enhance the level of patent portfolio depends on the own research and development and innovation strength of the enterprises fundamentally. On one hand, the enterprises should promote research, development and innovation of the technology continuously. As a new technology of lighting, the quality of LED lighting products decides the healthy and sustainable development of the market, the comments and impression of customers towards LED products and open of terminal market. The importance of market is without any doubt while research and development is the fundamental solution ensuring the quality of the products from the perspective of proprietary intellectual property rights. On the other hand, LED enterprises in our country should actively seek the breakthrough of the patents and make improvement and optimization of the core patents from the components. They should also seek the sally port in some less intensive technology area in the patents portfolio such as heat dissipation of the encapsulation and electrostatic protection and gain the condition to negotiate with the LED industry giants by owning specific patents technology, thus avoid the risk of being charged for infringement.


Global LED industry is now in the golden period of development. Confronted with the promising oversea market, Chinese LED businesses urgently need to set up their own core competitiveness depending on the research and development ability to break through international patents blockade and finally contribute to the great leap of LED industry in our country from manufacturing power to creating power.