Today we give a list of Lumen data for normal SMD LEDs like 3014, 3528 and so on.

These SMDs are widely used in LED lighting product like LED Candle light, LED light bulbs, LED Panel light and LED tubes. So below list is a good reference for our foreign customer to check if the suppliers give true data for their lighting products.

First let’s know what these number mean.The 4-bit number is meaning the length and width of SMDs. For example, 3014 means its length is 3mm and its width is 1.4mm.

Detailed data as below:

SMD Picture Power Max lumen/pcs(CRI70)
3014  3014 0.1W 11Lm
3014  3014 0.2W 20Lm
3020  3020 0.2W 20Lm
3030  3030 1W 140Lm
3528  3528 0.1W 10Lm
2835  2835 0.2W 22LM
3535  3535 1W 100LM
5630  5630 0.5W 50lm
5730  5730 0.5W 57Lm
5050  5050 1W 100Lm
5152  5152 1W 110Lm