LED industry

2013 is the crucial period for reshuffle development of China’s LED industry. Competition between enterprises intensified sharply. Driven by various kinds of reform and regulations of the New Deal, the green, energy-saving and environmental friendly LED industry is greeting new development opportunity. According to the prediction of some industry insiders, China’s LED lighting industry will enter in a golden period by leaps and bounds in the next 3-5 years.


In order to speed up the development of energy-saving and environmental industry, stimulate investment and consumption to form a new economic growth point, promote industrial upgrading, governments of all level has put forward relative policy in succession. On August 11, the State Council issued The Opinions on Speeding up the Development of Energy Conservation Industry. It pointed out that the total value of our nation’s energy-saving and environmentally friendly industry should reach 4.5 trillion yuan and become a new pillar industry by 2015.


On August 15, executive meeting of Shenzhen government deliberated and approved in principle The Three-Year Energy Conservation Plan in the 12th Five-Year Plan of Shenzhen Public Institutions. The plan clearly put forward the comprehensive use of promoting LED lighting lamps and lanterns. This move was just like the tranquilizer to instill new positive energy into LED industry. Meanwhile, it also declares the coming of post-abolishment era. LED lighting possesses many advantages such as low carbon, energy conservation which lives up to the low carbon and energy conservation policy of our country. As a new strategic industry, LED industry has become an important part in national economic structure transformation and upgrading. The release of Shenzhen LED New Deal will further promote the development of public lighting market and drive consumer market demand, which again shows the government’s resolution in LED popularization and industry support. From the initial concept introduction, demonstration project transformation, demonstration city construction to large-scale popularization and application at present. LED industry has stepped into a mature stage both in technology and market development. LED is now confronted with unprecedented opportunities.


However, the present product quality differs among large amount of enterprises. So, whether the quality is good enough concerns the customers most. The quality has been the one of the main factor impacting LED lighting promotion. The improvement of LED lighting quality can guarantee the rapid development of LED industry.