mid power LEDs

Impacted by the development of LED lighting market and the adoption of medium-power products by backlight at the same time, medium-power is without doubt the most popular LED specification. According to the prediction of LED inside, the International Market Research Institution, the annual output of medium-power LED surpasses high-power LED the first time in 2013. With the increasing packaging specifications of 5630, 3030 and 2835 medium-power LED series, the new generation emerged in succession and the price is expected to decrease continuously after the growing supply.


The need for LED lighting is rapidly extending. As the continuous decline of price, manufacturers still are faced with cost control pressure. The high cost-effective medium-power LED has become the mainstream specification. Medium-power 5630 series are very popular among lighting manufacturers when it appears and can be applied to backlight products synchronously. Korean manufacturers have released the second generation of 5630, featured in the characteristic of high current.


Japanese Nichia Corporation pushed out 3030 series to stimulate market after the popularity of 5630. On the whole, the excellent performance of 3030 targeting on 0.5 to 0.9 watt specification and most competitive price made it the best cost performance. Korean packaging manufacturer Seoul semiconductor and Taiwan vertical integration factory issued 3030 specification packaging in succession.


Chinese LED manufacturers didn’t miss the tide of medium-power LED. Except for 5630 and 3030, mainland manufacturers targeted on the 2835 with high current characteristic and the advantage of contemporarily use both at lighting and backlight market. Korean manufacturers launched 3528 to take up medium-power LED business opportunity at the advantageous situation.


From the trend of supply and demand and price, there was a lack medium-power LED at the second quarter in 2013. However, as Taiwan, Korean and Chinese LED manufacturers actively marching into medium-power market, the entire volume of supply has increased. In consequence, there is a trend of continuous price decrease of medium-power LED with the raising of supply.