LED light industry

“Rare earth industry consolidation is our country economic structure adjustment, production layout optimization of a niche, many traditional industries are facing the enormity of the task integration optimization. Such as household appliances, such as steel, cement, nonferrous metal smelting industry there is excess capacity, waste of resources, serious problems such as inefficient.” Recently, the problem on rare earth industry integration, cic advisory metallurgical industry researcher AnHaiXuan in an interview with reporters said.

On September 11, deputy minister of industry and information technology, Mr. Su said when to attend the 2013 summer davos BBS, to increase the illegal rare earth mining and pollution control, rare earth industry, big group which will be completed by the end of the year.

“There is no integration, it is impossible to realize industry upgrading transformation, also is impossible to solve environmental pollution problems.” QiBin, director of the China securities regulatory commission (CSRC) research center, wrote a few days ago, many industries in China is facing many problems, such as excess production capacity, excessive diversification, economies of scale, insufficient technical innovation ability, etc.

Jiang Yang, securities regulatory commission vice chairman of the “summit” CCTV 2013 China listed companies also stressed that through merger, acquisition and reorganization to promote industry consolidation, guide enterprises to absorb excess capacity.

AnHaiXuan thinks, at present, the chaos of rare earth industry is more serious, downward trend industry keeps for a long time, the national level of industry consolidation decision-making from the perspective of the sustainable development of the rare earth industry.

“In fact, the industry consolidation work has been rolled out, the relevant state departments have to develop a detailed effective adjustment strategy, and urge the local government, actively cooperate with the implementation of the banking system.” AnHaiXuan said, “the integration of various industry policy, however, are not isolated, the industry consolidation is a constant, don’t give up to reach the goal.”

The personage inside course of study says, in addition to the rare earth industry, at present the country has been in the photovoltaic (pv), such as coal, the LED industry leading up to the integration of net, for its merger, acquisition and reorganization.

QiBin thinks, in the phase of heavy industrialization in today’s China, should be good at using the power of the capital, by means of merger and acquisition integration to revitalize the stock of the Chinese economy, make a new step, rapid completion of China’s heavy industrialization process, it is also the inevitable requirement of the economic transformation.