LED enterprise

Some people say that this is the international financial crisis, economic development is the most difficult period: local government debt crisis looming, increased trade barriers, hot money fled, severe test have emerged such as bank money shortage.

“One hundred” New Deal “, reef float, but our country insists that with economic pain in the long-term development interests, squeeze the moisture, restructuring, and decentralization, layout of urbanization, urging development model transformation. The move to get a piece of praise at home and abroad, and created a new word – “li economics”.

In the industry, in fact, China’s LED industry also is experiencing their own “short”. Although in the past few years the rapid development of China’s LED industry has LED to a considerable scale. However, LED industry is currently a striking feature is small and scattered, fragmented, scattered, core technology and key equipment or others and market recognition and acceptance is not high, lead to LED products in the market application there is a big difficulty, appear even fetched a price war, etc. A vicious cycle.

Behind the price war, is the result of the competition, product homogeneity, which suggests the importance of enterprise development clearly positioning: entrepreneurs need to find their own positioning, accurate to know their own advantages and disadvantages, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, complement each other, do not blindly follow the market price game.

Look at present, the continued accumulation of excess production capacity, the triangle debt, such as price war risk, has become the healthy development of small and medium enterprises of risk; See in the long run, industry is in a critical period of climbing a camp, enterprise development need to resist the “temptation” short-term pain, insist on race into lift quality target.

Weigh repeatedly, the transformation and upgrading, develops the market, promote industry technology development and product quality control become the choice of the LED industry. To stand out in this turbulent competitive stage, become the industry leader, technology is fundamental, quality is the key. And that is to set up the right product for the consumer brand endure “short” key long-term benefits. In addition, the LED industry in China should also actively participate in the global LED industry competition “rules of the game”, is the comprehensive activation market demand, the objective requirement of the industry as a whole competitiveness.

Evolution, survival of the fittest, endure pain to pursue long-term positive. In the next few years, the LED industry competition intensifies, there will be a part of the enterprise is unable to adapt to development needs and appear “shut down and go” phenomenon. LED companies to become bigger and stronger, must search for differentiation of development path, and create their own cost advantage.

Short or long pain pain, trade-offs between counsel; Mongolian long appropriate looking quantity, country, industry.