LED product

When the awareness of green environment of and energy-saving is gradually accepted by human being, the 4th lighting source-LED products start to become a normal consumer goods in people’s life and the LED market is slowly getting open.

Although the lighting market is enlarged day by day and the government gives much support and allowance, but the future of LED lighting and led-related enterprise are not so optimistic as expected. The LED lighting product quality is different one by one in china LED lighting market. What’s more, affected by trend of mark-down, many of LED enterprises are forced to cut the price and the profit which make LED enterprise very puzzled. As a result, those led enterprises who have very low profit rate are forced to be on the edge of going bankrupt.

There are many low-quality products in china led lighting market, cause of this situation is : quality was quit by cutting of the cost to win the market. And some bad product even go dead after 3 lightened for 3 days. Therefore, the LED lighting product can not win consumers’ trust. The government must find a way out to improve this situation; One solution is make a standard for the LED lighting products.

Just look at the prices, there are even led bulb with price of 3-5 Yuan, much cheaper than the cheapest price of branded enterprises. There a lot of enterprise selling such low-price and low-quality products in the market. This confusion is caused by the unbalance of industry development and over capacity.