LED screen

“Previously sold 200 square meters of display screen is almost can get 10 million yuan, now have to sell 500 square meters, the price drop too fast.” Recently, bdo sharp Rio chairman at the scene of the light fair in Shi Yao accept the yangcheng evening news reporter in an interview with the feeling. Yangcheng evening news reporter learned, LED display industry continued price war at the same time of lower industry profit margins, are rapidly eliminated smaller LED display business. The personage inside course of study thinks, the LED display industry the rest of the enterprise can’t more than five.

Prices fell by 20% every year

Concept in recent years, LED, LED lighting and display field of application of the two most widely. Data show that domestic LED display market capacity up to 24.1 billion yuan. Although size compared with LED lighting co., LTD., due to the low barriers to entry, many enterprises cluster. And the weak market demand and industry overcapacity LED display industry price competition is very fierce.

LED display price almost every year by 20% to 30%.” Shi Yao told reporters. Continuous decline of price, it has also LED to the LED display industry profit is very low. Shi Yao tells a reporter, in the industry today, only 20% of the gross profit margin, net profit of 5%.

LED display industry listed companies are showing income not ZengLi phenomenon, as one of the typical, LED display enterprise chau Ming half annual report of science and technology, in the case of a 33% increase in revenue, net profit but starts were 30%; Lehman photoelectric revenue growth of 7%, but net profit fell 26%.

The listed company and no special advantage