LED screen industry

In the process of price drops rapidly, many small and medium-sized LED display enterprise collapse. From jun dolly in 2011, by the vision for the perfect photoelectric photoelectric and last year, the yangcheng evening news previously reported several influential in the industry of the LED display is the leading role of failures. Just walk through the spring and autumn period and the warring states era, “LED industry is still in the age of five dynasties and ten states.” Shi Yao that LED industry concentration degree is still not high.

At present, the LED industry is still in the process of fierce shuffle. Experts in the industry, to be able to survive in the ebb tide of enterprises must have two factors, namely, scale and technology. Shi Yao that bdo sharp extension with bdo, the whole industry chain integration advantages, can use leishi channels at the same time, also have scale and financing ability, therefore does not lose in the competition in any of the listed companies. While high LED Zhang Xiaofei, director told the yangcheng evening news reporter said: “the ST listed company in the next few years in the display industry or delisted not surprisingly.”

On the light fair, bdo sharp global starting 300 inches high precision LED TV and outdoor LED display screen. It is reported, its beauty also with the domestic media giant air media cooperation, petrol stations across the country to create high-precision outdoor TV flow platform, has completed hundreds of high-precision outdoor TV’s construction work.