At the launch of the 10th anniversary national semiconductor lighting engineering, experts along with outstanding personnel from related governments, institutions, enterprises write together the book-Semiconductor Lights up Chinese Dream based on their personal experience and feel. Based on the real story of the writers, this book panoramically describes important events impacting China semiconductor development from 2003-2013, among which are governments’ decision making, indication from senior leaders, influence of financial crisis and deeds of businessmen overtly and behind the scenes. The vivid description has authentically reflected the development of semiconductor industry and drawn a macroscopic picture of the struggle of private enterprises under the circumstance of economic system reform. The contents concentrate on the characters and events, vividly delineating the evolution of China semiconductor lighting in this period.


Cao Jianlin, Vice-Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, was pointed as the director of steering committee. Many leaders who have took part in the development of semiconductor lighting from Ministry of Science and Technology, National Standard Committee and NDRC not only become the members of the committee, but also wrote not a few articles in person. Shi Changxu, the academician from the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of engineering and Ma Songde, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and technology were entitled directors for editorial committee. Li Jinmin, union’s research and development executive chairman and Fan Yuti, industry executive chairman are vice directors of editorial committee. The editorial committee consists of many academicians and experts. Secretary General of the union, Wu Ling is the chief editor. Experts summarize the experience over the past decade by reviewing industry development and put forward the problems may occur in the future and the possibility of exploration, offering suggestions for the rising industries on behalf of semiconductor lighting.