LED light



Vice Minister Cao Jianlin from Ministry of Science and Technology, deeply analysed the successful reason of semiconductor lighting in China according to his personal experience and practice, pointed out problem in next step and how to look at and cope with the industry development from all perspective. The article clearly shows the development direction for enterprises from a strategically advantageous position. He made specific answers on the key issue industry is confronting, such ad the uneven development, excess production capacity and mechanism reform. Xie Ji, Deputy Director of Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Departmentof from NDRC systemically summarizes thinking and measures during the process of improving semiconductor on the topic of Cultivate and Standardize Semiconductor Lighting Industry and Improve International Competitiveness. Academician Wang Zhanguo states comprehensively the technology and application development trend. Many businessmen representatives dated back their efforts and understanding over the past 10 years.


This book is one of the activities of national semiconductor lighting project research and development and the start of industry union, commemorating the 10th anniversary of semiconductor lighting engineering. The book will make its deputy on November 10, CHINASSL in Beijing. Whoever attends the conference will get a copy signed by Director Wu Ling or Minister Cao that very day. 2013 also marks the 10th session of CHINASSL. There will be various commemorative activities such as prize-giving on the most influential enterprise over the past decade, international leading figure, inventors of LED blue light, yellow light and OLED will appear at the same time in Beijing to discuss the experience from the past and look into the future development. Leaders from many ministries and commissions will gather together to further discuss government’s guide and cultivation for semiconductor on the next stage.