LED stage lighting

According to GLII statistics, LED stage lighting market begins to take shape in China. There are over 100 big or medium-sized stage LED Lighting manufacturers including trade companies. In 2012, the total revenue for all the domestic LED lighting enterprises is up to 1 billion RMB, which is a 20% increase from previous year.
LED stage lighting mainly include LED PAR(Parabolic Aluminum Reflector) light, LED design effect light, LED, rotating light, LED flickering light and so on, which are used in bars, disco halls, dancing halls, and Television studios, KTV chambers and all other kinds of stages.

Due to the advantage of LED lighting itself, LED stage lighting has been accepted by the market, which has been growing fast during the past few years.

The market has  expanded by 20%


In 2012, the total yearly revenue of LED stage lighting is up to 0.96 billion RMB, which is a 23% increase. Comparing to 2011, there is decrease for market scale, but its revenue has been increasing. GLII estimates that with more mature LED lighting technology, and price declining of LED stage light, LED stage lighting market in China will be expanded by 20% in the coming years.


Comparing with traditional Tungsten-halogen lamp and gas discharge lamp, LED stage light has many advantages, for which China LED stage market get the rapid development.

First, it can save much energy with high efficiency. Under the same light efficiency, traditional stage light of thousands watts can be replaced by LED stage light of only hundreds of watts with less heat emission, and higher efficiency in converting electricity to the light.