led stage light



Second, its light is colorful. Light of different color and brightness can be generated by combining red, green and blue LED.

Third, its lifespan  is long. The lifespan of common Tungsten-halogen stage lamp is only several thousands hours, while that of LED stage light is over ten thousands hours.

Fourth,  its turn-on time is shorter. The turn-on time for Tungsten-halogen lamp is about milliseconds, while that of LED light is about nanoseconds.


Huge space for development

It is well-known that the main reason why current LED lighting market has no much market share is that the prices for LED lighting products are too high, a few times or over ten times of the traditional lamp. As a result, many customers choose traditional lamp instead.

Current average price for traditional stage light is a few hundred RMB, while that of LED stage light is around two thousand. The huge price difference restricts the development of LED stage lamp in this market.
However, considering the development and maturity of LED lighting technology and decrease of LED stage light price, as well as potential demand from domestic culture and entertainment industry, GLII judges that there is bright future for LED stage lamp market.
LED luminous efficiency has been improving. For the same light efficiency, LED stage light will consume less electricity and perform better in energy-saving. GREE announces that the LED luminous efficiency in their factory labs is up to 276lm/W in Feb of this year.