LED street lamp

The world’s largest LED street lamp project completed smoothly in Los Angeles, the project installed a total of 141089 new LED street light. According to Forbes reports, the city of Los Angeles is expected to save electricity every year at least $7 million, and avoids the upkeep of a $2.5 million spending, these are due to its high efficiency and energy saving LED lighting. This effect was announced, many other cities to follow suit.

Los Angeles is not the only one of the cities of the reform of LED street lamp lighting. For example, many other cities in California, regardless of size, have done the same lighting transformation. In march this year, the Las Vegas city to complete the installation of the 42000 LED street lamp. After a month, Austin, Texas has announced plans to install 35000 LED street lamp. And CPS Energy in December last year claimed that it will install 20000 LED street lamp in SAN Antonio.

Related research forecasts suggest that LED street lamps will ship 2020 in 2012 from less than 3 million oil-lamp can increase to more than 17 million.