When there is full of negative news about excessive capacity, less investment, and enterprises going bankruptcy, which has bad effects on lighting industry, OLED brings hope to the lighting industry. Regarding OLED, many people in the mainland may think of display panel and are not familiar with OLED lighting. There are many questions about the current status of OLED. Here is an analysis of current OLED industry.


As surface light source, OLED lighting has its unique features which can’t be ignored by lighting industry. The latest report from ID TechEX shows that although OLED industry is still at the initial stage, its development in display products will enhance the development of the whole lighting industry. The cost for OLED lighting products will keep declining, while its performance will be improved gradually. These advantages make it more feasible to apply OLED products. ID TechEx estimated that the revenue of OLED will be increased to 1.3 billion US$ by 2023 and to keep increasing at a rate of 40% to 50%.


There is huge potential market, for which the giant companies are taking immediate actions


Facing the OLED lighting market potential, giant companies abroad have already started the preparation in order to dominate the market with its strong technology support and plenty of funds.