Semi-conductive lighting

Semi-conductive lighting is a new important and strategic industry.Department of Science and Technology,  for which Department and Reform Commission and other government branches continuously launched supportive policies as support and guidance.

To effectively solve the issues that prevent the promotion of semi-conductive lighting products, guide the healthy development of the new industry, provide supportive information for government decisions and good environment for excellent enterprises and reliable products, and to put the policy of ‘Planning of Energy-saving for Semi-conductive lighting’ and related requirements into practice, the national engineering R&D (research and development) institution of semi-conductive lighting and CSA application and promotion commission will associate with CSA south China for a plan to carry out an activity named ‘ Proposals about LED products application and promotion ’in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Harbin, Dalian and so on.

By asking for proposals, researching on site, thematic salons and so on, this activity will organize main enterprises to discuss existing issues and models, successful experience, policies, proposals and so on to work out technical guidance and user’s manuals, which can guide the research and design of new products, standardize the usage of the products, promote the reliability, finally complete the reports including promotion models for LED related industry and proposals about policies to related departments and to provide support and reference for government decisions and policy-making of subsidy support.