oled product

Manager of Philip market department told reporter, ‘Philip introduced the first OLED lighting product last year. As a standardized product, it has been design into lots of lamps by the third party. Moreover, Philip invested 40 millions euro for OLED production line in 2011 and it started mass production in 2013 in Aachen, Germany.  In the future, Philip will continue investing in the design of OLED panels and modules to continuously improve the products’ efficiency and performance. And it will focus on the cost management in order to enable OLED to enter the mass lighting market.’


The Japanese enterprises which pay much attention to solid lighting market do the same. ELTechno, majoring in lighting research and development in Japan, has started the mass production of 10cm OLED lighting products with daily 5, 000 outputs. The target revenue for the first quarter after ramp-up is 1 billion Japanese Yen.


The financial report of the second quarter in Samsung has been announced. The profits of AMOLED panel is up to 0.9 billion US$, which is even higher than the traditional TFTLCD and draws much attention from the industry. Samsung decides to purchase more Oxide and LTPS, as well as to increase investment in the R&D and manufacturing of AMOLED panel.


The strategy to take AMOLED panel as the main product is a success according to the financial data in the second quarter. Therefore, Samsung plans to increase its investment in the R&D of AMOLED panel.