oled structure

In the meantime, good prospects are foreseen for the AMOLED panel market. Tian Mawei electronics, Jing Dongfang and other panel suppliers in the mainland have been speeding up its design, research and mass production with the hope to share the good market opportunities with Samsung. Therefore, there will be fierce competition in AMOLED panel market.


The breakthrough of white light technology for OLED lighting


There is a new Polymer light-emitting device which has been developed by University of Utah in America. It can produce different colors of light including white light (no need to mix a few light-emitting devices). This new discovery makes it possible to get higher-efficiency and cheaper OLED in the future.


This kind of equipment is not only an OLED, because it can shine only when stimulated by other light not by electricity. But the researchers say that this kind of white light OLED can be manufactured within about two years.


Professor Z. VALYVardeny, who is in charge of this research says that the white light in some LED bulbs or the OLED in cell phone displayer are not real white light LED, but the light produced by combing or transforming the light of different colors. This kind of light is under the scale of blue and red spectrum and can be adjusted to cover the whole visible spectrum. Therefore, it can be taken as the active layer of white light to replace the traditional bulbs.


Per Vardeny, the whole project has been sponsored by US Department of Energy.